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R.F. Kacy

roaming dark streets, looking for stories

and trying not to fall into open manholes

ABOUTPortrait of R.F. Kacy

Want to know something about me?

I’m an economist turned fiction writer who draws on 30 years of experience dealing with college students to create some very quirky characters. My main writing focus is what I call “Slightly Unclean Mysteries.” Think Nancy Drew meets Alfred Hitchcock at a party thrown by David Lynch. Not quite cozy, but not a gore-fest. Sometimes weird and head-scratching. They’re the type of stories Agatha Christie would write if she was wandering around 21st century America.

I grew up in the Detroit area, earned degrees at three different universities, and ended up working most of my career in the deep south where I still live with my wife and a small, demented cat named Peanut. One of my dreams is to become a digital nomad, exploring the U.S. and the world by caravan. Or, at the very least, getting more opportunities to visit with my son as he follows his own meandering path through higher education.

By day I’m often seen with handsaws, planes, and other ancient implements for working wood. By night I roam the darkened streets, looking for stories and trying not to fall into open manholes.

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Coming Spring 2018!